Bumper Christmas for Aldi

Date : 21 January 2013

Discount retailer Aldi has today reported its most successful Christmas ever in the UK, citing the expansion of premium range products as a key sales driver.

Premium ranges help drive sales

In the 12 weeks to the 23rd December 2012, Aldi's year-on-year sales increased by 30.1% according to Kantar, far faster than any of its competitors, as shoppers responded enthusiastically to its strong value and quality message over the Christmas period. New stores, extended product ranges and  a stronger fresh offer, backed up with a powerful value positioning all helped deliver strong growth for Aldi, with sales of the retailer's 'Specially Selected' range seeing an increase of more than 50% in 2012.

Broadening the range

Aldi has reportedly added 30% more products to its range, including an increased number of weekly staples. Aldi is successfully building basket spend by offering a broader range to cater credibly for a wider selection of shopper missions. In particular NPD has included more family-focused products, chilled lines and confectionery to create excitement in-store.

"Brand-like quality products at low prices"

Tony Baines, UK managing director commented "we had an 18% rise in in the number of AB households shopping at Aldi in 2012 compared to 2011. However we appeal to a broad range of customers. People across the country are interested in saving money and are attracted to Aldi because of our brand-like quality products and consistently low prices. They know they can get their full weekly shop at Aldi for around 30-50% less than the other supermarkets, without compromising on quality".

Strong 2013 forecast

Aldi has built significant momentum in 2012 and this exceptional growth is set to continue in 2013. IGD Datacentre forecasts that Aldi will again outperform the wider market, with growth of c.25% in 2013, with 40-50 new store openings. This outperformance in itself provides a strong rationale for suppliers to engage with Aldi and with ranges being developed and broadened, there will be opportunities for suppliers who can offer products that can effectively drive basket spend. 

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