Auchan trials wiiGO robot to carry shopping

Date : 17 November 2016

Auchan will start testing the wiiGO robot in its Englos store near Lille, to help people with limited mobility carry their shopping bags.

wiiGo takes the effort out of shopping

The wiiGO robot, which was invented by Portuguese start-up 'Follow Inspiration', aims to help people with reduced mobility and pregnant women by carrying their shopping bags for them. The robot uses a visual recognition system to identify the person and then allows the customer to place their shopping on the handles. The customer will then be followed by the robot throughout the shop, bearing the weight of a full cart.

Director of Innovation at Auchan Retail, Denis Vanbeselaere, said: "wiiGO will always stay at a maximum distance of 1.5m from its user and does not need more than 90cm in width to circulate. The checkout will also be facilitated by a specific markup."

Follow Inspiration

Already tested in Portugal

The trial will last a period of at least one month from 21 November in Auchan's Englos store and feedback will be assessed to see if the solution satisfies customers, before considering to deploy it more widely. The prototype robot has already been tested at the Auchan-owned Jumbo de Maia store in Portugal. Auchan said the results were satisfactory, Denis Vanbeselaere, added: "Depending on requirements, we may consider derivatives on larger carts, but it will remain a rather expensive technology."

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