Auchan launches AI driven promotion

Date : 29 March 2018

Auchan, in conjunction with UntieNots, is set to launch a personalised promotion that will use AI technology to continually improve the offers provided to shoppers. The roll out of the programme follows a successful trial by Auchan in 2017, which saw 150,000 of its Woah cardholders targeted with the innovation.

Promotion to be launched with 'Waaoh Challenges'

To enable the AI technology to build up a picture of the shopper, they are encouraged to take part in a ‘challenge’, which for Auchan has been called the ‘Waaoh Challenge’ after its loyalty programme. For the challenge loyalty cardholders will receive a notification from Auchan that encourages them to visit a personalised page and participate.

Shoppers choose 10 challenges, from a list of 20, that have been pre-chosen for them using their purchasing history. The challenges themselves are selected from a list of between 130 and 150 participating brands and private label products. Once a shopper successfully completes a challenge, which requires them to spend a certain amount on a specific product or brand, they are rewarded with an offer targeted at that product. The amount the shopper needs to spend are personalised and is driven by their purchasing history and the size of their households, amongst other data inputs.

AI technology helps build better picture of the shopper

After registering and completing the first set of challenges, everything spent on their Waaoh! card helps build up a better picture of the shopper and, through AI, sees the targeting of the promotions improve. Initially shoppers’ buying patterns between 22 March and 2 June will be used to build up a picture of their most purchased items. In the short to medium term, the game will be limited to only those shoppers buying from Auchan’s hypermarkets and Drives.

Gamification finally set to make an impression in grocery retailing?

We have long tracked gamification as a trend and highlighted when it has been used by retailers and suppliers to generate excitement for the shopper. However, the trend feels like it has taken a long time to really break into the mainstream and live up to the hype that came with its initial launch.

One of the key enablers of making gamification mainstream could be through utilising Artificial Intelligent computing solutions to process significant amounts of data that can then be used to create a more personalised shopping experience.

While it is in its launch phase and development, UntieNots’ solution could act as an impetus for encouraging shoppers to use the software and create a truly gamified option for retailers and suppliers to benefit from. Add into the mix that the promotion appears to offer the holy grail of a truly personalised offer, rather than shoppers selecting the products that they want to receive money off, and the solution could meet two major needs from retailers in one.