Auchan: digital developments

Date : 20 November 2018

France-based Auchan has launched a new augmented reality (AR) Christmas app in eight countries. Meanwhile, Auchan Spain has added a chatbot, which uses artificial intelligence (AI), to help customers with their online orders.

Auchan rolls out AR Christmas app…

Auchan France has created a new app, ‘Auchan Kids’, in collaboration with start-up Vertical. The app uses AR and focuses on children’s demand for video content. Through the app, children can earn points by throwing snowballs at ‘Wishmiz’ characters and ‘catching’ them in store locations.

Source: Google Play

The ‘Auchan Kids’ app also allows children to scan pages from the retailer’s catalogue and add them to their wish lists. Wish lists can then be forwarded onto parents via email, along with web links for each product. The app is available in France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Ukraine.

The app combines elements of previous campaigns, for example, in 2017 Auchan introduced its first interactive catalogue. Auchan found that children looked at the same animations several times.

The retailer explained that "children are increasingly mindful of content. This is evident from YouTube. Some evidence suggests that games with content will be more successful in attracting children’s attention. But also, the attention of their parents, if we take the example of video content for baby products enticing parents to purchase a game for their babies.”

…and launches a chatbot in Spain

Auchan Spain has added a virtual assistant to its Alcampo site and Facebook profile. The chatbot is called Tim and uses AI to maintain conversations with customers. It can also customise product choices based on the customer’s age and budget.

The chatbot was designed by start-up BotsLovers and helps Auchan advance its digital offer. The retailer stated it is looking “to offer a unique experience to its customers”.