Auchan adds ‘Nutri-Score’ on private label products

Date : 10 January 2018

France-based Auchan has changed the packaging for its private label products to add Nutri-Score front-of-pack nutitional labelling. The initiative follows the French government signing a decree for the voluntary adoption of the ‘Nutri-Score’ labelling in Q4 2017.

Health focus part of Vision 2025 strategy

Although driven by the French government’s aim to make labelling easier and clearer for shoppers, the initiative also supports Auchan’s Vision 2025 strategy to provide ‘good, healthy, local’ products.

To support the repackaging, Auchan brought 400 private label suppliers to its offices to spotlight the change and desire for longer term collaboration with the companies. Auchan looks to update 20% of its private label products annually, with the Nutri-Score addition playing a part in this evolution during 2018 and into 2019.

Information to be displayed online initially

As part of raising the visibility of the Nutri-Score labelling, Auchan has added the information to its online store. Shoppers can, therefore, easily find out the information for the 4,500 private label SKUs it makes available online.

The Nutri-Score system sees the addition of a colour coded scheme to products. The labelling incorporates both colours – running from green to red – and letters – A to E – with those offering the ‘best nutritional quality’ designated green and A, while those with ‘poorer nutritional quality’ allocated a red and E rating.