Aspiring ‘online promotional cherry pickers’ double in three years

Date : 15 May 2013
Twice as many shoppers are interested in using online tools to help them shop around for the best promotions and prices than in 2010.

Digital connectivity and shopper savviness drive trend

A new report from ShopperVista identifies online promotional cherry picking as the web-enabled behaviour most likely to be adopted by British grocery shoppers in the future. A third of shoppers now tell us they are keen to use the internet to look for the best deals and then shop from a variety of stores to get the lowest overall price – we call them ‘online promotional cherry pickers’ – almost doubling from 17% only three years ago.

There are two clear drivers behind this growing interest. Firstly, shoppers are more digitally connected – a greater number of households have internet access, online tools have improved considerably over recent years and shoppers are increasingly able to imagine how web-based solutions could help them. For example, according to the ONS, over four in five British households are now connected to the internet and three in five British adults regularly access the internet on-the-go using a mobile phone.

Secondly, shoppers have become increasingly savvy – remaining focused on ways to save money on their groceries in light of continued economic stagnation and squeezed household budgets. Online promotional cherry picking is simply a logical extension of some of the shopper trends that have characterised this economic downturn. For example, people are ‘shopping around’ more, spreading their groceries across more formats and fascias in search of the overall best value. They are also ‘planning better’, making the best of the deals and discounts available at the time.

Digital impact more widespread

But, the impact of digital technology on the future of grocery shopping doesn’t stop there. The scaling up of Click and Collect and other alternative delivery solutions could tip the balance much further towards online shopping in the next few years. Comparison apps are bringing ultimate price transparency ever closer. And social media developments will enable savvy shopping to become increasingly communal.

Each of these dynamics is explored in ShopperVista’s new report, Shoppers’ digital future, helping you to assess shoppers’ appetite for digital solutions to food and grocery shopping. For more information, go to