Amstor outlines expansion plans

Date : 20 June 2013

Amstor, the Ukrainian retailer, has announced plans to expand in western Ukraine

Venturing west

Amstor, which currently operates 29 stores in Ukraine, has announced plans to open four stores this year and another in 2015 in western Ukraine. The existing 29 stores are spread across 13 cities in the east, central and southern Ukraine with no presence in the west. The store in the west will open in the first quarter of 2015 and will be situated in a shopping mall in the centre of Lviv. It will be around 2,700 sqm and will have a selection of the Amstor private label range.

33 stores by the end of 2013

The company is planning on opening four supermarkets in 2013 to expand its network to 33 stores in Ukraine. One of these stores will be in a shopping centre in Kiev.