AMS looking for expansion opportunities

Date : 14 June 2017

In an interview with the German Retail Blog, the managing director of the AMS retailer alliance, Bert Swartsenburg, set out the prospects for the group’s expansion, amongst other elements.

‘Always interested to grow with new business partners’

Swartsenburg was asked about AMS’s relative size versus other retailer alliances, including the recent trend to partnerships between two retailers, such as between Rewe and Leclerc and Auchan and Système U. He said that AMS was happy with its relative size – with seven shareholders and two Euro Shopper distributors – but that it was talking ‘with retailers on an ongoing basis’, especially in countries where it is not present, such as the sizeable markets of France and Germany.

New retailers need to ‘add value’

Swartsenburg said that choosing a new member did not mean concentrating solely on size, but that it needed to ‘add value to the group’. To this end he noted that any new retailer would have to have processes that match AMS’s and mirror its own ambitions for its private label ranges.

Swartsenburg said that AMS would remain devoted to sourcing such ranges given its ‘record over the last 27 years in private label sourcing’, especially to differentiate it from other retailer alliances. He said that despite AMS still owning the Euro Shopper brand, it sources three tiers of private label products for its members – premium, standard and economy – under its members’ distinct brands, rather than a common name.

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