Amazon’s frustration-free packaging programme

Date : 04 October 2018

Amazon has created a new packaging initiative to help reduce waste and improve efficiency.

Frustration-free packaging (FFP)

As part of the initiative, Amazon will require certain products to arrive at fulfilment centres in certified, Frustration Free Packaging.  FFP is easy to open, recyclable, and designed so that products can be shipped in their original packaging to minimise waste.

The initial launch will apply to larger items, which create a lot of packaging waste. These include packages larger than 18x14x8 inches or products 20 pounds or greater. Amazon will start with products including toys, electronics, cleaning products, shoes and luggage.  

Benefits of FFP

There’s a number of benefits of FFP, such as making it easier and quicker for customers to open packages; reducing the amount of waste and minimising the environmental impact of ecommerce packaging.

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