Amazon to open robotics fulfilment centre in Australia

Rachel Sibson
Retail Analyst

Date : 02 July 2020

Amazon announced it plans to open an Amazon Robotics fulfilment centre (FC) in Western Sydney to expand operations in the country.

State-of-the-art facility

The new 200,000 sq. m. facility will open in late 2021 and aims to deliver a faster, more consistent experience for customers across Australia. The FC will use robots to speed order processing time by moving shelves to employees, therefore reducing the time taken to stow items for sale or pick for customer orders. The space allows for 50% more items to be stored per square metre, with a total capacity of 11 million items.

Craig Fuller, Director of Operations at Amazon Australia, commented: “The Amazon Robotics fulfilment centre will more than double our operational footprint in Australia, enhance efficiency and safety for our associates while ultimately providing customers with wider selection and faster delivery.”

The next piece of Amazon's roll out

The new service is another step towards Amazon's entry into the Australian market. The retailer started trading in the market in December 2017 and has gradually enhanced its operations, rolling out services such as Amazon Prime, Fulfilled by Amazon and Amazon Pantry. It continues to expand its offer, launching Amazon Flex, an Uber style delivery service, a garden store, as well as registering the Amazon Pharmacy trade mark in early 2020. Amazon Australia filed revenues of AU$562m for 2019, an increase of 92.4% of the previous year, however it still hasn't made a profit.

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