Amazon partners with E.Leclerc in Spain and words from Grupo IFA

Date : 08 October 2018

Amazon lockers installed in E.Leclerc hypermarkets

E.Leclerc and Amazon have partnered and will install Amazon lockers across the grocery retailer’s hypermarket network in Spain. The lockers are already installed in many stores, and installations will be completed across the rest of the network soon.

Last year in 2017, Amazon partnered with DIA to install lockers across selected stores in its network. For DIA and E.Leclerc the move helps to make their physical outlets more attractive and convenient for shoppers. According to Amazon, there are over 120 lockers in Spanish cities and towns. Some of these are open 24 hours, whilst other share the times of the buildings they are located in.

Comments from managing director of Grupo IFA

infoRetail reported on comments made by Juan Manuel Morales, managing director of Grupo IFA at a recent event. Morales said that the group is committed to long-term strategies, prioritising sustainable growth, with planning based on ten years, not two. This reflects the current demographic context of a declining population, and a majority of senior consumers.

Morales also said that ‘disruption’ and ‘e-commerce’ are two overrated words. There has always been disruption in the retail sector, and the ability to evolve is important. He believes that physical operators are the most capable of winning in omnichannel, and that pure players are identifying areas in which retail must develop.

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