Amazon launches private label food brand 'Wickedly Prime'

Date : 04 January 2017

Amazon launches its newest private label food brand 'Wickedly Prime' in the US, which is exclusively available to Amazon Prime members.

Targeting the 'foodie' market

Wickedly Prime is exclusive to Amazon Prime members and targets the 'foodie' market with gourmet snack products that have distinctive flavours. Wickedly Prime products include popcorn, blue corn tortilla chips, sweet potato tortilla chips and soft shell almonds. 

The chosen tagline is 'some eat to live, we live to eat' and Amazon suggest 'prep ideas', which could promote impulse purchases.

Push into private label

In June, Amazon began selling private label food products, specifically coffee and baby food, under the brand names 'Happy Belly' and 'Mama Bear'. Amazon has been more obvious about its affiliation with Wickedly Prime, not only is "Prime" included in the brand name but the iconic Amazon "smile" also  features in the logo.

As part of a larger push into private label products, Amazon sell non-food household goods and other items under the Amazon Basics and Amazon Elements brands.

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