Amazon and Orange combine voice assistants

Date : 18 December 2018

Amazon has partnered with France-based telecommunications company Orange to combine their voice assistant technology.

Amazon purchases made through Djingo

Orange’s chief executive, Stephane Richard, said the partnership would enable users of its voice assistant, Djingo, to purchase Amazon products and services. Orange developed Djingo in conjunction with Deutsche Telekom.

The partnership with Orange is the second Amazon has made in France in recent months. Amazon signed a similar agreement with another France-based telecommunications company, Iliad, which will lead to the integration of Alexa technology into the former’s set-top boxes.

Announcement first step in partnership

As part of the announcement, Richard said Orange hopes the partnership will “go further”. He was quoted as saying “We’re working with Amazon with the aim to integrate our AI (artificial intelligence), Djingo and Alexa in our respective devices.

Orange has plans to export its Djingo voice assistant into other markets where it operates, following its initial launch in France. In 2019 the company is set to take Djingo into Spain. Given Amazon’s presence in Spain and its alliance with locally-based DIA, the initiative could act as another spur for Amazon’s growth in the country.

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