Aldi UK opens 900th store

Lucy Ingram
Retail Analyst

Date : 26 October 2020

Aldi UK looks set to reach its 1,200 store target by 2025 as it opens its 900th store.

Slowing expansion, but still on track to meet target

Aldi has said it expects to open around 100 stores over 2020 and 2021. Typically over the past few years Aldi would have opened between 120 and 140 stores over a two year period, therefore the new forecasts represent a slight slowing down of expansion. Despite this, Aldi looks set to reach its 1,200 stores in the UK target by 2025.

This latest store opening in Sandhurst, Berkshire is one of many we will see in the golden quarter, as the retailer looks to open one store a week in the run up to Christmas.

Aldi has said;

"Opening our 900th store means that, after years of careful investment in our UK store network, we’re another step forward in making Aldi available to as many shoppers as possible, which is more important than ever before as many household budgets become squeezed."

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