Aldi brings self-service checkouts to London

Date : 15 August 2019

Aldi has launched self-service checkouts in three of its six Local stores in London.

Follows on from a successful trial in standard format stores

Aldi launched its first self-service checkout in April of this year when it tested out the concept in its Glascote store in Tamworth. Despite it being a standard amongst the Big Four retailers and Aldi's main competitor Lidl, having them in 150 of its 740 UK stores, this was a first for Aldi. After a successful trial the retailer launched the checkouts in three other standard format stores, and three Local.

Bringing self-service to London

Source: IGD research Aldi Local Balham 08/08/19

Self-service checkouts offer a convenient option for shoppers, enabling a faster shopping experience. This is particularly beneficial for smaller basket size shops which will be more frequent in the Local stores. Speeding up checkouts will also reduce congestion in stores, increasing their capacity and making them more attractive to shoppers.

Source: IGD research Aldi Local Balham 08/08/19

Aldi has said the checkouts remain a trial and how they perform will dictate whether they are rolled out further across the estate.

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