Ahold’s CEO sees growth in pick up points

Date : 01 March 2013

Speaking to Netherlands-based newspaper De Volkskrant, Ahold’s chief executive, Dick Boer, has said that the company is looking to ‘strongly expand’ the number of Pick Up Points it operates.

Expansion in Netherlands…

Boer said that the company was investigating opportunities for an expansion in the number of Pick Up Points in the Netherlands, driven by the positive results it had seen in relation to its existing sites. He said that the legal process of acquiring licenses for the sites was slowing up their expansion, but that new sites would be added.

…And US

Although he did not discuss the US, the success of the company’s existing Pick Up Points and its stated aim of ‘broadening its offer’, as part of its six pillar strategy, is likely to see a similar strategy being employed in the market.

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