Ahold US partners with DinnerTime.com

Date : 27 April 2017

Ahold’s Peapod online service is collaborating with DinnerTime.com, a specialist meal planning service that supports busy households by creating customized recipes and associated shopping lists. The site can generate 10 million different meal combinations, while this development marks DinnerTime’s first transactional arrangement between it and a grocery retailer.

How will the partnership work?

DinnerTime works by providing meal suggestions according to various criteria, including budget, taste, time constraints, allergies and other preferences. The partnership with Peapod will allow DinnerTime users to order the ingredients necessary to make these meal solutions and then order for home delivery through Peapod or collection at one of Peapod’s 200 kiosks. The new will be available in 24 US locations where Peapod has a presence.



Source: DinnerTime

To deliver value for money, the DinnerTime service will also aim to incorporate products that may be on special offer at the time.

Who does DinnerTime currently work with?

Consumers can subscribe to DinnerTime on a monthly or annual basis, while the Company also partners with employers and health plans, which offer the service free to their members.

What inspired the service?

Commenting on the service, co-founder Charlie Moore said,'The genesis of our business was to solve the everyday problem of "What’s for dinner?" and our CEO, who happens to be my wife, had the brilliant idea that we could solve it with math and data … She understood the consumer product industry and trying to get the right products on the right shopping list as well as the supermarket industry through her consulting work'.

So what do we think?

The service is likely to appeal to busy families and those looking for inspiration, while the extensive level of personalization allows users to refine their meal choices to their own specific needs. Including products on special offer reinforces the retailer's value credentials, while this should also enhance sales volumes of existing promotional products further.

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