SPAR International: sustainability and expansion

Lucy Bellotti
Retail Analyst

Date : 10 February 2020

INTERSPAR Austria has announced its trialling refill stations for organic detergents, which highlights its environmental commitments. Meanwhile, SPAR Hungary is improving its sustainability initiatives by introducing new concepts. Finally, SPAR Zimbabwe reflects on its 2019 expansion projects.

INTERSPAR Austria trials refillable detergent units

SPAR Austria has launched a plastic reduction campaign, to try to limit single-use plastic packaging. INTERSPAR has added a refilling station for Planet Pure organic laundry detergents and organic dishwashing liquid. Shoppers can purchase an empty one litre bottle for dishwashing liquid or 1.5 litres for laundry detergent.  

The group has other initiatives including; reusable net fruit bags, paper and compostable bags. Furthermore, shoppers are encouraged to bring containers to the store for their meat and cheese purchases. Separately, 40% of the fresh fruit and vegetables in-store come unpackaged.

SPAR Hungary expands its sustainability initiatives

SPAR Hungary is improving its sustainability initiatives too. This includes introducing a new website, logo and slogan ‘SPAR – for a sustainable future’. The retailer is committed to reducing its environmental impacts and complying to the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Source: SPAR International

SPAR Hungary’s sustainability initiatives include:

  • Eco-friendly bakery bags, available in two sizes
  • Reusable multi-use silicone lids, which applies for SPAR own brand products
  • Biodegradable plant pots
  • Reusable fruit and vegetables

Mark Maczelka, SPAR Hungary’s head of communications stated, “Together with customers, SPAR has been able to do a lot in the area of sustainability, including the support of charities, environmental initiatives, and health-conscious lifestyle initiatives, encouraging customers to take action. We are now consolidating them into a single framework. With our sustainability programme, we can effectively support important goals for the future.”

SPAR Zimbabwe’s 2019 expansion  

SPAR Zimbabwe has reported on its positive expansion in 2019, when it opened five new stores. The retailer also focused on growing its ready-to-eat solutions and product range.

SPAR Zimbabwe increasing its product range to meet shopper demands for local markets. It also launched the liquor specialist store, called TOPS at SPAR, which is now available at two stores in Helensvale and Kwekwe. Moreover, the retailer continues to support its online channel, through which shoppers can purchase products for home delivery or collection.

In relation to its ready-to-eat meal solutions, it introduced Chikka Chicken and Pick a Pizza restaurants in SPAR Kwekwe. The quick service concept was taken from the SPAR Express store, which rapidly became popular amongst shoppers.


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