Aldi: get up to speed with the latest news

Maxime Delacour
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 10 February 2020

We look at the latest news from Aldi across Europe, Australia and the US.

Aldi Australia launches Healthy Picks app

Source: App Store Australia

Aldi Australia has teamed up with The George Institute for Global Health, to create an app that makes grocery shopping easier and more health focused. This is part of the retailer’s wider strategy to develop its healthy food assortment.

The app, called Healthy Picks, was launched in January 2020. It allows shoppers to scan barcodes of any Aldi product (excluding fresh) while they shop. It then displays the product’s nutritional information and help them to understand the amount of sugar, salt, and calories it contains.

If a shopper would like a healthier option, the app will recommend a similar product or a category of products offering more healthy choices.

Aldi US to acquire six Lucky’s Market stores in Florida

Organic and natural food specialist Lucky’s Market announced it will sell several of its stores after filing for bankruptcy. It has started purchase agreements with Publix and Aldi. The discounter plans to buy six of the Lucky Market stores, all in Florida.

This will enable Aldi to enter new locations and contribute directly to its fast expansion plan across United States. It aims to reach 2,500 stores by the end of 2022. It currently operates 2,000.

Freezing food surplus for charities

Aldi Belgium has started to freeze its chilled food surplus it is providing to food banks to extend the products’ life. Up to now products were quickly distributed to people, with the potential for food waste, if not done on time. “By freezing products, it means that more products will reach people in need”, explained Ruth Broekaert, social corporate responsibility manager at Aldi Belgium, to Gondola.

Aldi is the first retailer in Belgium to implement this initiative in all stores. This is aligned with the retailer’s wider strategy to contribute to a more sustainable future at global and local levels.

Aldi Switzerland introduces the Organic beef project

Source: Aldi Switzerland

Aldi Switzerland has launched a new project for organic meat, in partnership with the Forschungsinstitut fu¨r biologischen Landbau (Research Institute of Organic Farming). The Organic Beef Project guarantees higher quality products to shoppers and contribute to improving animal welfare.

The project offers the opportunity for dairy farmers to keep male calves, instead of selling them as usual, creating a new source of revenue. The system allows dairy cows to nurse the calves, which contribute to improve their immune system and so reduce the need and use of antibiotics.

The assortment is available at a limited number of stores, due to only 70 farmers taking part in the project. Aldi is actively looking for new suppliers to enable it to potentially roll the new label out to all its stores in the future. The meat products are packed in sustainable packaging that use up to 70% less plastic than standard packaging.

Aldi Spain expands its bakery assortment

Source: IGD Research

Aldi Spain has expanded of its bakery private label range, El Horno de Aldi, to 75 SKUs in just a year. It offers a selection of fresh bakery products and snacks, such as crackers and biscuits.

The private label was one of five launched in 2019 reinforcing the discounter’s assortment and improving the premium image of its products. These new private labels cover mainly fresh food categories, such as fruits and vegetables, meat and meal solutions.