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Since the start of the year Walmart has launched a number of format and channel initiatives in its home market.  We take a look how they demonstrate a deeper commitment to online grocery retailing in the US, and the outlook for its multichannel approach.
Innovation of the week. We take a look at the latest innovation to come from Amazon - shopping through your Twitter feed.
Innovation of the week. We take a look at the new Amazon Dash, a revolutionary device that is helping to take the chore out of online grocery shopping.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has released the company’s annual letter to shareholders. We pick out some highlights here.
Innovation of the week. How are Walgreens offering rapid delivery of cold and flu remedies?
We explore the implications of this important deal and assess the impact of the new business on the US market.
Innovation of the week. We review the latest addition to the Amazon app that allows for instant product recognition.
To mark the launch of our new Amazon profile and snapshot, we highlight five routes to growth with the global online retailer, and the implications for suppliers
As Costco prepares to open in Spain (market number 10) we review its growing international presence, how it seeks to create a truly global format, and which markets it may target next.
Our global best practice guide to the winning tactics that are reinventing the in-store experience

Increasingly challenged by growth in other channels, we look at five ways that hypermarkets and supermarkets are adapting to meet new shopper requirements.  

Innovation of the week. L’Oréal launch a 'smart' vending machine, offering commuters tailored tips and recommendations based on their current look.
Innovation of the week. We take a look at the potential pre-order shipping from online retailer Amazon.
Innovation of the week. Amazon begin trialling drones for quick and innovative deliveries.

With increasing competition from other retail channels, we examine five trends and innovations in the health and beauty channel from around the world.

Innovation of the week. As we get closer to the first commercial launch of Google Glass, we take a look at the potential it can bring to the industry.
We have reviewed key private label developments in 2013 and outlined four trends we believe will shape private label in 2014.
Innovation of the week. The latest initiative to help track shopping behaviours in-store.
Innovation of the week. An online grocery store that sources directly from local farmers based on daily orders.
Innovation of the week. The latest Bluetooth enabled kitchen scales provide easy-to-read nutritional analysis.
Innovation of the week. We explore some of the most creative aspects of Coca-Cola’s open happiness campaign.
Innovation of the week. We take a look at the latest payment technology allowing shoppers to pay with their face.
Innovation of the week. We explore the latest advances in the application of 3D printers for food production.
Following our visit to Bentonville, we outline key learnings from domestic operations, international development and eCommerce, and share our outlook for priorities across the business.
We explore how retailers are reinventing large format stores to strengthen their appeal with shoppers and what this means for suppliers.