Holland & Barrett tests new store format

Sabira Habib
Retail Analyst

Date : 30 July 2020

Holland & Barrett unveiled its new store format that focuses on making wellness more accessible and creating a safe and integrated digital shopping experience.

Modern and natural store layout

The health and wellness retailer opened its new store concept in Chelmsford with a fresh and spacious layout. The store has wooden flooring and ceiling panels to reflect the chain’s ethos of natural and environmentally friendly. It is designed to guide customers through their shopping experience to make it safer and convenient.

The retailer reported a spike in demand for immunity products during lockdown and as result is prioritising the front of the store with health supplements, nutrition, and beauty products along with providing advice so that customers can take control of their wellness.

It offers over 250 new products across its specialist ranges of health foods, vitamins, supplements, and clean beauty. It has also introduced a new service that allows customers to check their vitamin, microbiome, and hormone levels in-store with support from a qualified store assistant. 

An exciting feature that aims to make wellness more accessible is the newly installed consultation room where customers can get free advice from a nutritionist and personal trainer either face-to-face or virtually.

Tony Buffin, Chief Executive of Holland & Barrett highlighted,

“Everything we do, particularly at this time in our customers’ lives, is done with the aim of making wellness accessible for all. Our goal with the Chelmsford test store is to break down the barriers of wellness shopping to help customers feel in control of their own health.”

COVID-safe through digitalisation

The new store format aims to provide a safe and easy shopping experience. Through digitalisation, the retailer can offer convenience and engagement through merging in-store and online shopping. These features include:

  • Digital orders for shoppers who want to avoid queuing
  • Contactless click and collect lockers in-store
  • Access to more information through digital screens placed in-store
  • QR codes to provide product information

It also has hand sanitizing points, sinks and screens positioned throughout the store and a temperature checking device at the front.



Source: Holland & Barrett LinkedIn


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