Middle East: developments in the region

Danielle Molloy-Vickers
Retail Analyst

Date : 22 June 2020

We round up news from retailers in Bahrain and the UAE.

Bahrain: BenefitPay launches in Carrefour

BENEFIT’s electronic payment service, BenefitPay, has launched at all Carrefour stores, which are operated by Majid Al Futtaim, in Bahrain. The collaboration is in line with the retailer’s efforts to use electronic payments instead of cash. BenefitPay is Bahrain’s leading electronic financial transactions business, with over 450,000 registered users.

ADNOC continues its expansion

UAE-based Adnoc has continued its expansion with five new Adnoc On the Go convenience stations opened in Abu Dhabi in May. The new stores mean it has opened a total of 10 in 2020. The new format offers fuel and convenience products ordered from Adnoc Oasis stores on a tablet, with pick-up available from a drive-thru window. A further five fuel stations have opened in Dubai in 2020, bringing a total of 15 new Adnoc stores across the UAE.

Robotics firm launches robots to combat Coronavirus

A robotics firm in the UAE has launched a fleet of four robots with different capabilities including disinfecting, detecting, and delivering food and medicine during the pandemic:

  • The first robot uses AI thermal and optical sensors to detect fever and dispense hand sanitiser. This robot is designed for malls, airports, and hospitals
  • The second robot is designed for food and medicine delivery to patients in quarantine. It is designed for hospitals and quarantine centres to support medical staff
  • A third robot will deliver COVID-19 awareness and telemedicine with pre-programmed speech-based Q&A related to symptoms and prevention. It can also provide telemedicine solutions, aiding medical professionals to communicate with patients, saving time and keeping a safe distance
  • The fourth robot is used for disinfections and is equipped with a dry mist sterilisation system, suitable for public places such as offices, malls, hospitals, airports, and banks