Thailand: a look at the latest concept from Tops supermarket

Soo-Eng Tan
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 27 July 2020

Central Food Retail Group, which operates Central Food Hall and Tops supermarket in Thailand, has unveiled a new concept at Central Plaza Westgate.

Premium lifestyle supermarket

Tops market Westgate has gone through a major renovation to become the retailer’s latest model for a premium lifestyle supermarket. It is in line with Central Plaza Westgate’s strategy to expand its customer base and become a Western Bangkok hub. It puts together six new zones to offer the most complete products and services in Thailand.

Zone 1: Baker’s Oven is a shop-in-shop bakery with space to enjoy the fresh bakes with coffee from Arigato café counter.

Source: Central Food Retail Group


Zone 2: Healthiful offers a complete range of health products to meet all health and wellness-oriented lifestyles. This concept was first launched in Tops Market, CentralPlaza Chengwattana.

Source: Central Food Retail Group


Zone 3: World of Snacks is a cheerful and colourful section that presents delicious popular snacks from more than 100 brands around the world.

Source: Central Food Retail Group


Zone 4: LOOKS is a beauty and lifestyle zone with products for both men and women. for women and men. There is a Matsumoto Kiyoshi, the leading shop for health and beauty from Japan, is in this section too.

Source: Central Food Retail Group


Zone 5: at Taste, shoppers can find a dine-in section with more than 100 freshly cooked dishes.

Source: Central Food Retail Group


Zone 6: Petsters for animal lovers launches here. The first place that carries all products for dogs, cats or rabbits and fish in a supermarket. 

Source: Central Food Retail Group


There is also a Farmers' Market that includes fruits, vegetables and food from farmers in Nonthaburi province and more than 10 provinces across the country. This is a part of Central Group’s efforts to bring fresh produce and food products straight from Thai farmers to consumers and support local farmers.

Ready to meet changing trends

The store is the blueprint for the premium formats of Tops supermarket concept in the future. The renovation is in line with the expansion and increased purchasing power of consumers in Western Bangkok. “The complete transformation of Tops Market Westgate is part of our strategy to move our business forward to meet changing consumer trends,” said Sujita Phengoun, Chief Operating Officer at Central Food Retail. “We aim to elevate the shopping experience by offering a premium lifestyle supermarket for our customers to enjoy a new experience and have more fun while shopping.”