Learn more about Pandamart in Asia

Date : 12 February 2021

Nick Miles

Head of Insight - Asia Pacific

Foodpanda is one of Asia's fastest growing ondemand delivery providers, offering both meal solutions and grocery deliveries via its app.

Using partnerships and its own darkstores to expand into grocery

In 2020 we saw Foodpanda partner with more retailers in order to expand its grocery offer via its Pandamart service. However, Pandamart is also developing its own network of stores. The company open its first darkstore in Singapore in October 2019 and now has 150 dedicated stores for online picking, set up in 40 cities acros 8 markets in Asia, including; Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Philippines.

In Malaysia the service is expanding rapidly

In Malaysia, the company now offers 30 minute delivery on orders, available 24 hours a day. It has 35,000 riders in the market and in order to growth the business and keep up with demand it now has 32 darkstores nationwide, with more set to come online.

                                                          Source: Pandamart

Rapid growth of q-commerce

The emergence of q-commerce or quick commerce is a growing trend in Asia and with one of our five major trends to watch in Asia in 2021 being 'accessible retailing' this is an area that we continue to monitor at IGD. As demand for online grocery grows we expect to see existing providers, as well as new ones, expand in this space. Abhishek Sahay, Director of New Verticals at foodpanda, has signaled the caompanies intend to expand the Pandamart service further, “Now that we’re operating in eight markets, our goal in 2021 is to take pandamart into more cities within our existing markets, plus launch pandamart in all 12 operating markets by the end of 2021.”