Tesco to sell only cage-free eggs in Asia by 2028

Date : 16 September 2019

Tesco joins leading European retailers, including Marks & Spencer, Aldi and Carrefour, in selling only cage-free eggs in Asia.

Taking the lead in Asia

Since 2016, the retailer had already pledged to be cage-free by 2025 in the UK. This had been extended to Asia following investigations into Asian egg suppliers by animal protection organisation, Lever Foundation. Other food companies including Starbucks, Subway, Unilever, Nestle and Kraft have made similar pledges in Asia.

By 2028, every chicken egg we sell at Tesco Lotus will come from cage-free hens” said Mr. Kris Comerford, Product Director for Tesco Lotus in Thailand. “By taking the lead, we hope to improve ethical sourcing standards including animal welfare practices in Thailand, so that customers will have access to sustainable products at affordable prices.

Growing interest in sustainable practices

We have seen more retailers taking the lead in promoting sustainable practices in Asia. This includes addressing shoppers' concerns around both health and environmental issues by reducing plastic use, promoting eco-friendly products and organic fresh produce. For example, FairPrice in Singapore will be charging SGD0.10 (US$0.07) to SGD0.20 IUS$0.14) for plastic bags at seven FairPrice and Cheers outlets in a month-long trial from Sept 16. 


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