Four ways ways Nordic retailers are activating charitable promotions

Date : 10 November 2020

Harriet Cohen

Senior Retail Analyst

We highlight case studies from the Nordics where retailers have been fundraising for a key cause during October and November. Themed private label products, donating a percentage of product turnover and encouraging shoppers to donate are among the tactics used.

1. Sweden: ICA raises €5.5m for the Pink Ribbon campaign with themed private label, bracelets and donations

Source: ICA

ICA has partnered with the Cancer Foundation’s Pink Ribbon fh campaign since 2003. This year, ICA grocery stores and the Apotek Hjärtat pharmacy chain collected SEK 55.5m (€5.5m) through selling themed private label products, bracelets and customer donations during the month of October.

For each private label product sold, up to SEK 10 (€1) was donated in full to the Cancer Foundation and Swedish cancer research. Meanwhile, 70 products were included in the campaign in Apotek Hjärtat’s stores, with SEK 5 (€0.50) donated per product sold.

Commenting on the initiative, CEO of ICA Sweden Anders Svensson said, ‘I am both happy and proud … It is worth repeating that together we make a big difference’.

2. Norway: Coop Norge donate 1% of fresh produce sales in its discount stores

Source: Coop Extra

Elsewhere, during the month of October, Coop Norge donated 1% of the fruit and vegetable revenue in its Coop Extra discount stores. This year, the retailer raised a record-breaking NOK 10m (€1m) for the Pink Ribbon campaign.

3. Finland: Kesko stocks participating products as it looks to beat last year’s record fundraising

In Finland, Kesko has partnered with the Pink Ribbon campaign for the last 12 years. Last year, the retailer raised a record €770k and aims to set a record again this year.

Pictured below are some of the participating products at K-Citymarket Easton in Helsinki.

Source: Ari Akesli, LinkedIn

4. Sweden: Coop Sverige uses private label to fundraise for men's health

Source: Coop Sverige

As we move into the month of November, Coop Sverige is the main sponsor of Mustaschkampen (Moustache Fight) in Sweden. This is the local Prostate Cancer Association's campaign to to research and spread awareness about Sweden’s most common cancer, prostate cancer.

For every themed product sold, the retailer will donate SEK 1 (€0.10) to the cause, while customers can also buy a pin in-store to raise funds.

A 'kinder and community engaged society' despite the pandemic

Earlier this year, IGD shared a series of hypotheses on how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic could change grocery retail. One hypothesis is that we will see a 'kinder and community engaged society'. The record-breaking nature of the charity fundraising featured in this article is testament to the fact that despite being in the midst of a pandemic, people are increasingly supportive of health and community focused initiatives.

Sweden remains a best in class example of how grocery retailers use their private label ranges to fund key causes. For instance, ICA and Coop Sverige have used their private label milk packaging to raise awareness and funding for issues such as diabetes and children's rights.

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