E-Mart set to return to China with SPAR

Date : 02 May 2018

Shinsegae's E-Mart is set to sign a deal with SPAR International in China to indirectly return into the market.

The deal

Following a year of uncertainty, culminating in E-Mart's exit in China earlier this year, the retailer is now planning to collaborate with SPAR in China to supply food, personal care and household products. Private label ranges No Brand, Peacock and Sentence carrying products such as cookies and teas will feature in stores.

Potential opportunities...

E-Mart's indirect return relies on SPAR's 400 store network in China. If successful, a similar path into other countries through SPAR International's global presence could be a viable option.

The deal is another example of E-Mart elevating its private labels, having outlined its plans to open PK Market in the US by May next year.

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