SPAR Natural: five things to learn from the format

Date : 07 January 2020

“The SPAR Natural concept breaks new ground in health and wellness by providing a holistic approach to customers seeking a healthier lifestyle.” In this article we unpick the elements of the SPAR Natural concept, which was first launched in 2017.

How has the concept evolved?

SPAR Gran Canaria has opened its fourth standalone SPAR Natural store, three years after introducing the new concept. Since its launch, the SPAR Natural concept has expanded into SPAR countries across the network as a shop-in-shop category solution. It is now available in six regions and 30 stores nationwide.

Most recently, SPAR Denmark opened a new flagship store in Copenhagen featuring the SPAR Natural concept as a shop-in-shop category solution. Read our full store report here.

Providing health and wellness solutions…

SPAR Natural provides health and wellness solutions for those with specific dietary requirements or food intolerances; those who have made lifestyle choices such as vegetarians or vegans; and those who simply wish to eat more healthily.

…While meeting growing shopper demand…

The concept specialises in vegan, vegetarian, organic and free-from products. The range is complemented by personal health care products, supplements and remedies. It is also tailored to meet local needs and caters for more health-conscious shoppers, while continuing to offer value for money.

In South Africa, the retailer said 4.5% of one store’s sales now come from the Spar Natural concept, a growth driven by reaching a new customer base.

…Supported by a dedicated private label range…

Developed in 2018, SPAR Natural is the latest addition to SPAR International’s private label range. The range has been created in response to growing shopper demand for healthier options. It comprises 27 product lines, ranging from quinoa, organic pasta and red split lentils to corn cakes and fruit and nut bars.

SPAR International said over 10 SPAR counties order products from the range, including Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

Source: IGD Research

…And expertise from in-store qualified employees

Staff in the Gran Canaria stores are trained to give shoppers advise about nutrition. Shoppers can book consultation and awareness sessions in-store, which cover a range of food and drinks topics.

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