Pick n Pay launches mentorship app

Date : 18 December 2019

South African-based Pick n Pay (PnP) has launched a new mentorship app which connects small suppliers with suitable experts across its business.

Empowering entrepreneurs

PnP said it hopes to empower entrepreneurs by improving accessibility to mentorship and business development support to help them grow their businesses.

Suppliers can gain advice on procurement, merchandising, compliance, supply chain, financial management, to marketing and human resources through the app.

Solving real life challenges

Head of PnP enterprise and supplier development, Mishinga Seyuba Kombo, commented, “Small businesses seldom have finance, operations or HR directors. As they grow, this is the kind of expertise they need to ensure they are successful and sustainable. So, through the app, at no cost to them, we offer our small suppliers access to a network of PnP mentors who can offer guidance, their expertise, experience and knowledge of real life challenges and how to solve them.”

She explained how the app had been running informally for a few years and has already helped several small suppliers. For example, PnP’s head butchery worked with pig farmer, Anna Phosa, to help grow her business from supplying three pigs a week to more than 300.

Over 150 PnP staff members involved

The app was launched internally in November 2019 and now has verified over 150 PnP staff members. Small suppliers need to be part of PnP’s Enterprise and Supplier Development programme to gain access to the app.

To celebrate the launch of the app, PnP held a ‘speed dating’ event in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Suppliers were invited to talk with more than 150 mentors. They had five minutes to discuss what value the mentor could add to their business.

Source: Pick n Pay

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