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RedMart, an online grocery platform, was acquired by Lazada in 2016, but kept it as a separate business until now. It will be integrated into Lazada’s platform in March, allowing shoppers to buy both groceries and other products on Lazada in the same location.

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Marks & Spencer in VivoCity shopping centre has launched a second food hall in Singapore which includes a bakery, fresh food and ready meals. The retailer also held a Southeast Asia media preview to highlight its Christmas range in food, clothing and beauty products in Wheelock Place, where the first food hall is located.

Source: M&S

Coffee and bakery to drive footfall

The new food hall at VivoCity is next to the original store that is now focusing on apparel. Fresh bakery and coffee from the café welcome the office crowd from 8am, while the rest of the store opens at 10am. The popular afternoon tea special for two can be found here and a new cake counter entices shoppers with an all-day cake and drink deal.

Great range of ready meals

It is difficult to find good quality ready meals in Singapore. Besides classic British fare like fish pies and super green boost soup, M&S has brought in its authentic Italian range. We were particularly impressed with the healthy sub-categories:

  • “Balanced for You” dishes are high in protein with balanced carbohydrates
  • “Count on Us” range offers a tasty selection of low-fat, calorie-controlled meals for supporting weight loss
  • “Made without” consists of a variety of items made without gluten or dairy

Source: M&S

Fresh items flown in from the UK

The store carries a range of fresh vegetables from the UK, some of which includes the provenace and grower’s name. Shoppers can also get fresh and filtered milk which are rare finds in Singapore due to their short shelf life.

Source: M&S

Christmas highlight at Wheelock Place

We attended their media preview event which fills the Wheelock Place M&S café with a festive atmosphere ahead of Christmas. Key seasonal products were given the spotlight while a wine expert was invited to share the tradition of mulled wine. Shoppers can buy packets of spices and dried fruit to make the mulled wine at home with tips from the wine expert. Some of our favourite products for the festive season include “The Collection” which includes a premium selection of conserves, fruit cakes and Christmas puddings.

Source: M&S

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Singapore's leading online supermarket, RedMart, has announced a partnership with Sainsbury's, one of UK's leading grocery retailers. RedMart will make 320 Sainsbury's products available exclusively to its customers from 29 August 2018.

Providing healthy product range

The product lines are focused on great quality and value, with an emphasis on the health and wellness items, including:

  • by Sainsbury's - Sainsbury's core food range
  • So Organic - food from farms and producers with high animal welfare standards and no chemical fertilisers, artificial colours, flavourings or hydrogenated oils
  • Deliciously FreeFrom - products free from gluten, wheat, milk, eggs, nut and soya
  • Taste the Difference - premium food range targetting shoppers looking for something a little special
  • Sainsbury's Little Ones - Sainsbury's dedicated baby and toddler range

"RedMart and Sainsbury's have closely aligned values and both are committed to putting customers first and sourcing with integrity. Bringing a number of Sainsbury's ranges to Singapore via our popular online platform will meet our customer's increasing demand for quality products at great value," said Roger Egan III, CEO and co-founder of RedMart. The retailer plans to widen the range before the end of 2018.

About RedMart

RedMart is an online supermarket that delivers groceries and household essentials to shoppers. It is the largest online supermarket in Singapore. In 2016, RedMart was acquired by Alibaba-backed Lazada, Southeast Asia’s leading online shopping and selling platform.

About Sainsbury

Sainsbury plc operates over 600 Sainsbury's supermarkets and more than 800 Sainsbury's local convenience stores, as well as over 800 Argos stores. It is one of UK's leading food, clothing and general merchandise retailers. Read more about Sainsbury's here.

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As the curtain falls on The Consumer Goods Forums’ Global Summit, we look at the key themes and issues discussed by speakers from Ahold Delhaize, Danone, Majid Al Futtaim and ending with Madeleine Albright's powerful speech on the changing global political environment.

Health & wellness, a priority

Dick Boer, Ahold Delhaize CEO, underlined that health is not a consumer or industry problem, but a societal imperative requiring partnership across industry, government, consumer and academia. Working together, we can make a difference and empower people to live healthier lives.

Boer was then joined by Danone's Chief Executive, Emmanuel Faber, who spotlighted the ongoing food revolution happening everywhere. Faber said, as consumers demand healthier choices, consumer goods companies could become irrelevant, unless they address the issue.

After the inspiring talk, CGF Managing Director Peter Freedman paid tribute to Boer, for his long-time engagement and invaluable commitment to CGF, as Boer steps down as Ahold Delhaize CEO at the end of June.

Change, a necessity

Alain Bejjani, Majid Al Futtaim’s CEO, described how customer behaviours have changed over the last decade. Bejjani said to win customers’ hearts back, retailers would need to use a mixture of big data, technology and human judgment.

Sebastian Mejia, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Rappi, reminded the traditional businesses that ‘the biggest threat is not doing anything at all’. Having transformed a traditional company in Japan to a strong global business, Masahiko Uotani, CEO of Shiseido, shared his experience in turning an inward-focused culture into one with the customer at its heart.

Matilda Ho, CEO of Bits & Bites highlighted the shift in the ‘purpose of food’ in China driven by consumption upgrade and transformative technology. This was elevated by Madeleine Albright who said, ‘We are living in an era of profound change across the globe.’ As ‘a new psychology of separation has taken hold’, both public and private sector leaders need to do more to build a brighter future.

Looking forward to Vancouver 2019

Olaf Koch, Co-chair of the CGF and Chairman of METRO AG, closed the Summit and invited delegates to the 2019 edition in Vancouver.

Want to start preparing for the 2019 summit in Vancouver now? Read our article on Canadian grocery retailers' growth priorities. Subscribers of Retail Analysis can also download our insight presentation on trends in the country here.

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