X5 on course to implement bold 2017 expansion plan

Date : 12 April 2017

X5 announced plans in implementing its bold growth strategy across Russia. Learn about the strategies that X5 will use in 2017 to support its plan.

X5 to create a Coop-Pyaterochka brand for rural Russia

X5 signed a five-year cooperation agreement with the Central Union of Consumer Societies of the Russian Federation (Centrosoyuz) to open 1,000 new stores in remote rural areas under the joint-brand COOP-Pyaterochka. The Russian retailer will be a step closer to achieving the aim to open more than 2,000 stores in smaller towns and cities end of 2017.

The new X5 retail brand will open at Centrosouyz’s existing consumer cooperatives and based on a franchise model. COOP-Pyaterochka will also use a food discount price strategy to insure staples are priced at affordable levels and in line with the spending power of local shoppers.

Pyaterochka to expand fresh offer via COOP shop-in-shop

X5 and Centrosoyuz also agreed to launch up to 5,000 Pyaterochka fresh food shop-in-shops by 2021 to expand on its fresh food offer. These retail units will sell goods from local farmers and consumer cooperatives and focus on the fresh food needs of the local customer.

Online Perekrestok rolled out

X5 announced the expansion of the Perekrestok online service pilot scheme with the potential to implement a click & collect service in the future. The service will deliver in south-west Moscow and some neighbouring towns in the Moscow Region for minimum order of RUB 2,000. Perekrestok uses a specially built hybrid store that combines features of a regular supermarket and a “dark store” that allows the inclusion its entire product range.