Magnit leadership change and new store concept

Date : 02 July 2018

Ex-Pyaterochka director Olga Naumova takes the role of Magnit CEO, and in the same week the retailer rolls out Magnit/Russian Post new store concept.


Magnit's Board of Directors assign second new CEO in 2018

In an announcement to the Board of Directors, Magnit CEO Khachatur Pombukhchan, submitted his resignation notice, and this is followed by the appointment of Olga Naumova to the role. Ms Naumova recently joined Magnit in the role of Executive Director of Operations, leaving her role of General Director of Pyaterochka at X5, a role now taken over by Sergei Goncharov.


Magnit launches new store concept in partnership with Russian Post

Magnit launched 12 stationary pilot stores and one mobile unit in Moscow, the Krasnodar Territory and the Ryazan region. The new store concept is based on the post office, designed and built in partnership with Russian Post. Magnit stated that the rationale behind this new concept is the ability to open a store in geographical areas where it is ‘economically inexpedient’. Partnership with Russian Post will optimize the costs by sharing the distribution network and attract more traffic to the store due to the combined shopper missions.



The Magnit-Russia Post store

Shoppers will have access to additional services – including banking - and combine visits to post office with the purchase of groceries and stationary. All products – except for postal goods- in the stores will be supplied by Magnit. The total assortment will range from 200 to 800 SKUs of grocery and post office supplies (mobile unit will hold 50 SKUs), depending on the size of the store, and location of the post office in the sales area.

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