Portugal: sustainability initiatives

Lucy Bellotti
Retail Analyst

Date : 07 February 2020

Continente has introduced a plastic free area in one of its supermarkets, as part of an initiative to reduce single-use plastic. Meanwhile, Auchan Portugal has partnered with ‘Too Good To Go’ as it looks to reduce its food waste.

Separately, more than 50 Portuguese organisations have signed a commitment to reduce single use plastic packaging.

Continente launches first plastic free area

Sonae MC-owned Continente has opened its first supermarket with a plastic free area, to comply with its responsible plastic commitments. The plastic free area is based in the store’s fruit and vegetable department. Continente claims removing the plastic from fruit and vegetable products will help it eliminate 115 tonnes of plastic annually. Continente also said it would offer alternative shopping bags, which include; reusable cotton or polyester bags, paper bags and recycled bags that shoppers are encouraged to bring repeatedly.

Auchan Portugal partners with ‘Too Good To Go’

Auchan Portugal has signed an agreement with ‘Too Good to Go’ to reduce food waste. The ‘Too Good To Go’ app launched in Lisbon in October 2019, which allows shoppers to purchase food at discounted prices. Auchan Almada will be the first store to contribute food, which is nearing its use by date. The group claims eventually more Auchan stores will start contributing to ‘Too Good To Go’.

Auchan plans to offer; bread, cheese, cold meals, ham, juices, sandwiches, snacks and yoghurts. ‘Too good To Go’ users can purchase ‘magic boxes’ for €3.99, containing products offer by the retailer.

Portuguese plastic pact

In February 2020 50 Portuguese organisations signed a commitment to reduce single-use plastics and increase the use of recycled plastic. The plastic pact, created by Smart Waste, is an initiative that operates along the whole supply chain, including all parties, from manufacturers to distributors. The agreement commits to achieving 100% recyclable plastic use in packaging by 2025.

Companies/ organisations contributing to the plastic pact include; Jerónimo Martins, Sonae MC, Coca-Cola, Nestle, the University of Coimbra and NOVA University in Lisbon. Additional partners in the pact consist of local authorities and the environmental association Zero.

Future developments of the pact aim to highlight unnecessary single use plastics and replacing it with recycled plastic, while they will also focus on products’ design and which best suit reused plastics and on creating new innovative products.



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