Auchan: developments at the retailer

Jon Wright
Head of Insight - RA EMEA

Date : 13 July 2020

We round up initiatives from Auchan in its home market and Poland.

Auchan adds Patatam corners at hypermarkets

Continuing French retailers looking to repurpose space in their largest stores and to meet the growing shopper interest in second-hand clothing, Auchan has opened Patatam branded corners at further hypermarkets following a successful trial. Patatam has enjoyed fast paced growth, while second-hand clothing has become of growing interest to shoppers as they look to minimise their environmental impact and recycle clothing as much as possible. In the medium term, the value the ranges provide could support Auchan’s wider affordability messaging, given the economic challenges the pandemic is likely to generate in the country.

…As it looks to grow online penetration in Poland

After setting out plans to grow the share of sales accounted for by online in Ukraine, Auchan is looking to mirror this development in Poland. According to reports in local trade publication Wiadomosci Handlowe the retailer is progressing with its online operations and has accelerated plans because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of this the retailer is trialling the use of multi-temperature lockers with InPost at stores in and around Warsaw. Separately, the retailer has said it wants to operate 1,000 self-checkouts in the country by the end of Q2 2021.

Auchan to lower prices in Poland

Auchan has said, in line with the introduction of lower VAT rates in the country, has lowered the price of more than 6,000 products from 1 July. The lower tax rates for certain products were announced in early 2020 and are now being implemented.

Group offering Drive solutions for third party companies in France

At six shopping centres in France, Ceetrus (Auchan’s sister company, which is a mixed-use real-estate developer) in conjunction with Auchan has installed ‘Aushopping Drives’. The solution, which has been driven by COVID-19, enables products from several retailers in a Ceetrus-owned shopping centre to combine a shoppers’ purchases at one collection point to enable them to shop safely and without contacting other people. The solution is separate from the Auchan Drive at the shopping centres, but underlines the wider capabilities Auchan’s wider group is offering shoppers.