Lawson partnerships: Muji in Japan and Grab in the Philippines

Date : 17 June 2020

Lawson has partnered Muji in Japan, according to Nikkei Asian Review. In the Philippines, Lawson has partnered Grab to offer on-demand grocery delivery.

Sales and brand development

The partnership will see Muji products sold at Lawson stores in Japan. This will be introduced to a small number of stores to test demand. Should it be rolled out to Lawson’s wider network, Muji items could be made available at up to 14,469 stores.

Muji will also support Lawson’s development of daily products under a new private brand. In April, Lawson launched two brands, L basic and L marche. One will be chosen to replace Lawson Select. So far, the Japan time reports that consumers have largely expressed a negative view of the new packaging and so further changes to design are expected. For the individual brands (Natural Lawson Brand, MACHI café, Karaagekun, Uchi Café, Onigiriya) developed by product genre, a L logo will be introduced to create a connection with the Lawson brand.

According to media reports, around 15 to 20% of items currently stocked at Lawson are likely to be replaced with Muji-branded products. Eco-friendly detergents and pre-packaged foods are potentially areas that the two businesses may develop. Muji previously supplied products to FamilyMart, but the partnership ended in January 2019.

Lawson partners Grab in the Philippines

Grab Philippines has expanded its on-demand grocery delivery service GrabMart to over 150 partners. Customers, via the app, can order groceries, toiletries, fresh produce, and more, in Metro Manila depending on their location. Lawson is just one of many businesses that have partnered GrabMart, for example, FamilyMart, Robinsons Supermarket, Starbucks, etc.