Top 10 April Fools of 2017

Date : 06 April 2017

We round up our favourite April Fools from 2017 as retailers and manufacturers create spoofs driven by food trends, food-to-go, popular brands and online and digital.

1. Sainsbury’s takes healthy living and food trends a step further, with the launch of spiralized peas…

Source: Sainsbury's

2. ...While Fresh Direct innovates to capitalise on the popularity of avocado.

Source: Fresh Direct

3. Burger King appeals to fast food lovers…

 Source: Burger King

4. …While Subway appeals to fans with a seasonal twist.

Source: Subway Ireland

5. Get more of what you love with Oreos…

Source: Twitter

6. …While finding new ways to enjoy Marmite

Source: Marmite Singapore

7. Cheetos enters the health & beauty category…

Source: YouTube

8. … While Mars explores opportunities in non-food

Source: Mars & YouTube

9 Dirk puts technology at the heart of the customer journey with contactless trolleys…

Source: Distrifood

10 …While Amazon reveals Petlexa, allowing pets to connect with Alexa, allowing them to place orders and use smart-toys.

Source: YouTube

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