Three online and digital innovations to watch at Albert Heijn

Date : 31 July 2018

We consider the latest innovations from Albert Heijn as it activates the Dutch-speaking Google Assistant pilot, delivers ‘special shopping’ abroad in a seasonal campaign and collaborates with Chiquita on traceability.

Albert Heijn activates Google Assistant pilot...

With Google having just launched its Dutch-speaking Google Assistant, Albert Heijn and are now accessible through this technology.

The voice-controlled service allows shoppers to open the Google Assistant and ask for recipe inspiration or add an item to their shopping basket through the Appie app.

This follows other recent Albert Heijn innovations to make shopping easier, including the Rappie fast delivery service and tap to go payment technology in-store.

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...As it delivers ‘special shopping’ abroad in seasonal campaign

In other news, Albert Heijn is running a seasonal campaign where it will deliver ‘special shopping’ to other countries in Europe.

A press release from the retailer stated, ‘We all know someone who has moved abroad; a friend, uncle, aunt or colleague … Once abroad, the homesickness sometimes comes to those [looking for] a Dutch shrimp cocktail. This is why Albert Heijn is driving through Europe this summer to surprise a few lucky [people] with their favourite dish from the Netherlands and a special message from the homefront’.

Shoppers can request a delivery via [email protected] for the chance to receive delivery through Appie.

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Albert Heijn partners with Chiquita in traceability campaign…

Meanwhile, Albert Heijn has partnered with banana brand Chiquita to promote product traceability in-store from 20th August. As part of this, Chiquita is introducing virtual reality (VR) booths in 36 AH XL stores.

Shoppers will be able to use VR technology to understand the supply chain from banana plantations in South America via ports to supermarkets.

…As Chiquita collaborates with Shazam as part of wider initiative

In related news, Chiquita has also become the first brand to use Shazam’s technology in fresh produce. Shazam is a music discovery service, with the partnership seeing Chiquita add Shazam stickers to its products.

Consumers can use Shazam’s app to scan a code and learn more about Chiquita’s sourcing policy. They will be directed to one of five different VR videos created by Diffrnt Media.

Around two hundred million stickers have been introduced in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Greece and the United States.

Technology more commonly used to promote sourcing transparency in Europe

Elsewhere, other European retailers are looking to promote product transparency and traceability in-store.

For instance, Finnish market leader S Group is trialling IBM-backed blockchain technology, during the summer  in fresh fish to increase transparency in the food chain. In Denmark, Salling Group has made its private label canned tuna traceable ‘back to the captain, boat, fishing method, area and time’.

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