The Netherlands: digital and online innovation

Date : 17 September 2019

We round up the latest news from the Netherlands as retailers Jumbo and Picnic develop new online and digital initiatives.

Jumbo to launch digital loyalty programme

At the Food Retail Event conference in Tiel, CFO Ton van Veen announced that Jumbo will launch a digital loyalty programme before the end of the year. The retailer hopes to strengthen its digital customer relationship by collecting more data.

Van Veen commented, “we are not yet at the forefront when it comes to collecting data, but we do analyse the cash data. Only the latter is done on an anonymous basis. We cannot yet monitor individual customer behaviour and that must happen now.”

In April 2019, Jumbo tested a savings system for loyal shoppers in several stores. To participate in the trial, shoppers had to download the Hallo Jumbo app. They then received personal offers called ‘savings accelerators’ every two weeks. For shoppers without a smartphone, the programme was available with a physical Hallo Jumbo pass.

Jumbo Foodmarkt trials online meal order service in Groningen

Elsewhere in the business, Jumbo is trialling an online meal order service in its Foodmarkt store in Groningen. Jumbo is working in partnership with meal order sit and will review the trial after a few months.

To use the service, shoppers must enter their delivery address through or its app and choose Jumbo Foodmarkt Groningen. Shoppers can choose from a range of meals and drinks from Jumbo's assortment, including fresh salads, pizzas and crispy focaccias. The meals are then delivered to the customer within an hour.

Picnic introduces feedback for delivery drivers

Meanwhile, Picnic has developed software that provides delivery drivers with feedback about their driving behaviour. The initiative will be introduced in September 2019 and is likely to be presented via an app. Picnic said it will also work closely with Veilig Verkeer Nederland, an organisation promoting road safety, from September 2019.

The move is part of a wider campaign called safety week. Co-founder Michiel Muller said, “In September, Picnic is organizing a safety week as a kick-off for a three-year program to further improve safety. Since the introduction four years ago, the delivery car has been much improved with, among other things, a camera system and better mirrors. The most important part is the behaviour of the delivery people that receive a lot of attention. In the fulfilment centres, the safety program has delivered enormous improvements over the past twelve months. Special safety coordinators have also been appointed.”

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