Online and digital innovation at Ahold Delhaize

Date : 04 July 2018

Ahold Delhaize is continuing to push the boundaries in online and digital in Europe and the USA. We highlight four of its latest initiatives, which focus on health, convenience and building scale further.

Albert Heijn introduces My Nutritional Values

As part of its ‘ambition to inspire customers to live healthier lives’, Albert Heijn has added new nutritionally-focused functionality to the website.

The new My Nutritional Values feature offers loyal customers insight into the nutritional values of the products they have purchased.

Specifically, the new feature highlights:

  • the level of ‘sugar, dietary fibre, salt, protein, saturated fat, calories and carbohydrates’ in recently purchased products
  • Purchases with ‘the most sugar, protein, etc per 100 grams’
  • Alternative product choices

It was developed in partnership with the University Medical Center in Utrecht. A spokesperson said, ‘In practice, we often still find that patients with high blood pressure think that a sandwich with cheese is a healthy meal for them. Reading labels and translating them to what's healthy for you is difficult and making the comparison with alternatives almost impossible. This service makes it very clear to people whether their purchases match their lifestyle or diet; high protein for a sporty life or low in salt [for those] with high blood pressure'.

Elsewhere in Europe, other retailers are also investing to help consumers make certain health or lifestyle related choices online. One of the latest developments is from Asda, which has introduced a personalised service for complex dietary needs.

…As it tests smart lock

In other news, Albert Heijn Online Labs is experimenting smart door locks, which would allow groceries to be delivered to a customer’s home, without the customers being home. Albert Heijn is using a smart lock from Nuki as part of these tests, which are being sponsored by Coca-Cola European Partners NL.

Watch the video here

Source: LinkedIn, Marc ven Venrooij

Commenting on the initiative, Albert Heijn said, ‘This means we can literally put the groceries in the fridge. Of course, we will only do this with the customer’s consent’.

Other retailers are driving forward with unattended home delivery. Retail Analysis subscribers can access IGD's exclusive insight presentation on the subject here.

...And trials the 'AH Meal Wall'

Elsewhere, Albert Heijn has begun trialling the 'AH Meal Wall' in its head office in Zaandam as it looks to better meet the needs of food-to-go and meal for tonight shopper missions. The trial, which will last for four weeks, allows users to choose meals, salads and pre-prepared grocery bags from a vending machine 24/7.

Source: Albert Heijn

Giant Food Stores invests in a new e-commerce hub

Meanwhile, in the USA, Giant Food Stores is to open a new e-commerce hub in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania as part of a broader USD $22m investment. The hub will act as a unique grocery fulfilment centre, fulfilling curbside pickup orders. It will also offer a walkable pickup point.

At 38,000 square feet, it will allow ‘Giant and online grocery partner Peapod to serve up to 40% more shoppers’. This will be the fifth facility that ‘Giant has opened with Peapod in Pennsylvania’.

Commenting on the announcement, Giant/Martin’s President Nicholas Bertram said, ‘We’re seeing double digit growth in online ordering and grocery delivery … We’re excited because the e-commerce hub will allow us to increase capacity quickly'.

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