Netherlands online: ranges, promotions & deliveries

Date : 28 February 2018

We share seven of the latest developments from online grocery in the Netherlands. This includes new ranges, promotions and the broadening of delivery reach.

Albert Heijn introduces Easter Allerhande box

Market leader Albert Heijn is introducing a seasonal Allerhande grocery box, giving shoppers everything they need to create an Easter brunch for four people. A matching wine box is also available, will shoppers can order this from 5th to 27th March for home delivery or collection on 20th, 30th or 31st March.

Albert Heijn has previously used its Allerhande grocery box to activate other seasonal events, including at Christmas.

Source: Albert Heijn

Bilder & De Clercq selling meal box for families

In related news, Bilder & De Clercq has begun selling a ‘Familiebox’, offering meals to feed three or four people. The box, which has its own website allows shoppers to order the box online.

Commenting on the initiative, Jim Langelaan of Mathijs Maaltijdbox said, ‘The dishes are easy to prepare and are therefore quickly on the table, all within half an hour … The meal box is also being expanded every month with exclusive dishes’.

The Familiebox website also has the option to order a fruit box, which it says ‘contributes to the maintenance of a healthy weight’.

Colruyt begins selling private label online in the Netherlands

In other news, Belgian market leader Colruyt is to offer sell the Boni Selection private label range through the Dutch Stockon online grocery service. This will include between 300 and 400 products.

A statement from Colruyt said, ‘The collaboration with Stockon allows us to gain a first experience with a direct-to-consumer platform. A while ago we came into contact with Stockon because they were looking for a strong brand to offer as a house brand. We felt that there was a good connection with our private label Boni Selection’.

Exporting private label ranges remains a trend in western Europe with an increasing number of operators partnering with non-competing retailers to drive growth. Carrefour, Tesco and Waitrose are some of the retailers that have done this previously.

Jumbo offers free online delivery when purchasing promotional products

Meanwhile, Jumbo is offering free delivery of online grocery orders to those purchasing select promotional products until Saturday 24th March.

This includes a variety of products from different ambient categories such as household, soft drinks, beer, coffee, biscuits, wine and spirits.

Source: Jumbo

Vomar stops weekly promotions in online grocery orders

Conversely, Vomar has decided to stop selling its weekly promotions online. Justifying the move, director Aart van Haren said, ‘our vans are just full. In addition, our order picking facility has reached its capacity limit’.

He continued, ‘We had two options: either serving our existing and new customers with our full range where we guarantee the lowest price every day or serve fewer customers with the entire online package, including the offers. We have chosen the first option’. Van Haren also referenced that online retailer Picnic doesn't offer price promotions online.

Instead, Vomar is focusing on expanding its stores in North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht and Flevoland.

Hoogvliet broadens delivery reach

Meanwhile, Hoogvliet is broadening its deliver reach as of 1 March. This will see it to deliver to Hazerswoude-Rijndijk and surroundings, Gouda, Bodegraven, Boskoop, Waddinxveen and Reeuwijk.

Shoppers will be able to choose from 10,000 products and 80 weekly promotions, while delivery will be available six days a week.

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