Netherlands: innovation drive & online

Date : 09 May 2017

We bring you the latest news from the Netherlands including Albert Heijn's search for product innovation and the introduction of Shobr.

Albert Heijn looks for product innovation...

Albert Heijn is running a dedicated event where it hopes to meet future suppliers, in a bid to make ranges 'fresher, tastier, healthier and more sustainable'.

This will be the third consecutive year that the retailer has run the event, where suppliers will be offered a fifteen minute meeting with Albert Heijn's purchasing and category managers, while logistics and quality will also be discussed. Suppliers can find out more and register to attend here.

Commenting on the event, Marit van Egmond, Commercial Director said, 'I am always very curious to [see the] latest developments. The stage days are a perfect platform to discover all the great innovations. For new products and suppliers [this is] a great opportunity to get on the shelf or in the online shop. In recent years the stage days were really successful, more than seventy products have thus enriched our range'.

Elsewhere in the market, Jumbo runs a similar activity through its Jumbo Innovation Lab, with developers encouraged to submit ideas online. Recent innovation that has been brought to life in this way includes a range of healthier breakfast products.

While Shobr comes to the Netherlands…

Shobr, an online grocery platform for branded products is to launch in the Netherlands after the summer. Initially, the service will offer 3,000 products, as well as free next day delivery on orders over a certain value threshold.

Frank van der Tol, who is working on the project said, 'The idea behind Shobr is that manufacturers have their own web environment within the platform. The manufacturer will have full control over their own pricing and benefits from an environment where other vendors also offer their products'.

The service originally launched in Denmark in June last year. Products were originally available from 70 suppliers, although 160 brands are now available. Sales have reportedly grown by 20-30% per month since launch.