Netherlands: Albert Heijn, PLUS, Hoogvliet & Vomar

Date : 21 June 2017

We round up news from the Netherlands as Albert Heijn introduces a new range for business customers and PLUS aims to help shoppers make healthy choices in cereal. We also share how Hoogvliet is opening a new concept supermarket, while Vomar nears the end of its refurbishment programme and Jan Linders focuses more on hospitality.

Albert Heijn introduces new range for business customers…

Albert Heijn launched a new range of over 250 products for business customers earlier this week.

The range specifically focuses on bulk packaging and packs containing individual products. The new range aims to better meet the needs of the retailer’s ‘corporate clients, from SMEs to nurseries and care homes’. These customers will also be able to continue to choose ‘from the existing range of 28,500 products at Albert Heijn, Etos and Gall & Gall'.

Source: Albert Heijn

...While PLUS aims to help cereal shoppers make healthier choices

Meanwhile, PLUS is to launch a sugar-focused traffic light labelling system in the cereal category, helping shoppers make healthier breakfast choices. This follows the retailer’s previous moves to introduce similar initiatives in the soft drinks category, focused on sugar and in the bread category, focused on fibre.

Albert Heijn has also run similar initiatives in the soft drinks category, with a focus on highlighting sugar as we saw on a research trip to the Netherlands last month

Source: IGD Research, Albert Heijn

More broadly, PLUS is partnering with the National School Breakfast campaign from 6th to 10th November, aimed at encouraging the importance of a good breakfast. This will see 560,000 children in 2,800 schools educated on the subject.

As Hoogvliet opens first new concept supermarket....

Elsewhere, Hoogvliet is to open a new concept supermarket on June 29 at Hospitality Square in Zoetmeer. At 2,150 sq. m in size, the fresh produce and liquor departments will have a refreshed look and feel, while digital signage will also be introduced.

It will stock a wide variety of fresh meal solutions, as well as offer complimentary coffee. The store will also sell successfully trialled products, including loose eggs, fresh nuts and frozen fish.

While Vomar nears the end of refurbishment programme

In other news, Vomar is nearing the end of its ‘red’ refurbishment programme, which will see its 64 stores converted to a new concept. 55 of its stores have now been converted, with the largest of its stores being refurbished last weekend over a period of four days. Meanwhile, the retailer’s store at Leonardo da Vinci Square is due to reopen next Wednesday.

…As Jan Linders focuses more on hospitality in 2018

Meanwhile, Jan Linders has announced it will add more hospitality and seating areas to its stores in 2018. It will do so by expanding its existing Jan Linders Kitchen range, which currently offers fresh sandwiches, pizzas, salads and sushi.

Commenting on the development, Jan Linders’ CEO said, ‘We are committed to more eating occasions from 2018, such as the coffee time and the ‘snack’. Chances are that we also realize seating areas in our stores. Because customers want a good cup of coffee and a piece of cake, but can sit down’.