Netherlands: activating 'week without meat'

Date : 12 March 2018

Having been inspired by initiatives like ‘Meat Free Monday’ in the UK and '40 days without meat’ in Belgium, the Netherlands has run its first ‘week without meat' campaign. A variety of grocery retailers and manufactuers have partnered with the event, while 25,000 people have signed up to participate in the challenge. We highlight three tactics that retailers have adopted to activate the campaign.

Albert Heijn partners with food blogger who initiated campaign…

Source: Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn has partnered with flood blogger Isabel Boerdam of The Hippy Vegetarian who has selected her favourite vegetarian and vegan recipes from the retailer’s Allerhande recipe collection.

… As Jumbo also encourages shoppers to eat fresh produce with recipes and tips

Source: Jumbo

Building on activity earlier this year around healthy eating, Jumbo hopes to inspire shoppers to eat more fruit and vegetables with dedicated recipes and tips for select products,

 Jumbo promotes ‘Veggie Chef’ meat substitute range…

Source: Jumbo

Meanwhile, it is also promoting its ‘Veggie Chef’ meat substitute range, with select products on a pick and mix promotion. A dedicated ‘Veggie Chef’ recipe tutorial is also available.

...As Lidl puts vegetarian front and centre of its magazine

Source: Lidl

Elsewhere, Lidl is promoting fresh produce in its interactive magazine under the headline ‘The Spring has never been so green!’ The magazine contains a variety of recipe and meal for tonight inspiration, while promoting Lidl’s award-winning credentials as ‘the best supermarket in fruit and vegetables’.

So what do we think?

IGD identified ‘leading in lifestyle’ as one of the global retail trends to watch in 2018. Within this, vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian products are continuing to rise up the agenda as consumers look to reduce their meat consumption for dietary or lifestyle-related choices.

Campaigns such as ‘week without meat’ demonstrate how retailers are adapting to these changing consumer trends, while the short-term nature of it may encourage more people to get involved.

Elsewhere in Europe, tastes are also changing. In Germany, over 10% of people shun meat, compared with 1% of people a decade ago, according to the German Vegetarian Union.

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