Food-to-go across Europe: six small store formats to learn from

Date : 24 September 2018

Ahead of our Food-to-go Summit on November 8, where one of the key themes will be future food-to-go formats, we take a look at some of the retail formats across Europe that are leading the way  in how they see the opportunity for food-to-go.

1. Franprix and Franprix noé, Paris – creating the next generation premium convenience store

Casino owned Franprix has long been a feature on the premium convenience landscape of Paris, but its latest ‘mandarine’ store formats have taken its proposition on several stages. Food-to-go, coffee and in-store seating lie at the core of the proposition, with an attractive range of solutions for both food-for-now and food-for-later missions. In selected locations, the concept has been stretched further into the Franprix noé concept, which takes the format principles of Franprix and puts natural and organic products at its heart.

Source: IGD Research

2. Fresh the Good Food Market, Dublin – outstanding food-to-go options in a enticing retail format

We’ve long held the work of this Dublin based business in high regard – they are among the best examples of retail/ food-to-go fusion and stand out in a market that consistently leads the way in this space. An array of hot and cold meal solutions, for both lunch and evening meal occasions, are supported by a complementary retail range, not least in categories such as beers wines and spirits. On occasion, the proposition is also supported by displays and counters from selected partners, such as the Off Beat Donut Company. Local, quality and freshness are key hallmarks of the offer, supported by great merchandising.

Source: IGD Research

3. Deli de Luca, Norway – differentiation in forecourts through counter-served food-to-go

Another retailer we've long looked to as a source of European inspiration is Deli de Luca in Norway, which has put meal provision at the heart of its proposition. Through this, over recent years, it’s been able to successfully convert itself to offer a strong forecourt proposition, based on a consistent core offer across sandwiches, paninis and hot dogs, while through stretching the range of hot food further. This adds to the eat-in appeal of the offer, which is increasingly important in a market which boasts the highest penetration of electric cars in Europe.

Source: IGD Research

4. Coop to go Switzerland  - a grab and go plus proposition

Coop is a major player in the overall Swiss food retail market and has been eager to build an impactful proposition in the food-to-go space. Efficiency needs to be a focus in a high cost labour market like Switzerland, and this translates through to a largely grab and go offer. But this is attractively done, and complemented by a range of fresh options, including pizza, bakery and self-serve coffee, creating strong appeal for a range of food-to-go missions.

Source: IGD Research

5. 7-Eleven Denmark – making the most of the food-to-go opportunity

7-Eleven has established a strong position across a range of food to go missions in Copenhagen, underpinned by two things. First, its focus on healthier lunchtime options, including a range of dietary specific options. Secondly, it supports this by great coffee, which is both Fair trade and organic. The organic nature of the offer here also reflects local trends, while coffee cups are 100% plant-based and so are environmentally-friendly. Through this, it’s been able to capture some of the ground that has become the mainstay of food-to-go specialists in markets like London.

Source: IGD Research

6. AH to go – combining great range and efficiency for customers on the move

Product development has long been a priority for the Netherlands' market leader Albert Heijn. Increasingly, over recent years this has focused on prepared food and healthier options. These come together to great effect in AH to go, with an enticing selection of healthier eating products tailored to different food-to-go missions. For those looking for healthier eating inspiration across food-for-later, a visit to Albert Hejin supermarkets should also be high on the list.

Source: IGD Research

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