Albert Heijn ends delivery service Rappie

Date : 27 November 2018

Netherlands-based Albert Heijn is set to stop its trial of the fast delivery service, Rappie, in Rotterdam. The retailer has said that it was satisfied with the collaboration but will not extend the service.

The trial lasted a year…

Albert Heijn partnered with start-up SuperBuddy and introduced Rappie in Q4 2017. The delivery service enabled shoppers to receive their orders to a chosen location within two hours. The pilot was trialled in four stores in Rotterdam and was expected to last a year, so has met expectations. From 1 December 2018, SuperBuddy will look for another supermarket partner. However, Albert Heijn products will still be available to purchase through the start-up.

…but will not be renewed

The pilot was successful, but Albert Heijn has chosen not to renew it. Eva Mathlener, Albert Heijn’s head of concept and design, said, “We test many new concepts to see what our customers think. Together with SuperBuddy we have seen the past year that instant delivery offers many opportunities. We will take the experiences of the test into the further development of our online services”.

Trial likely to inform further development

As part of Ahold Delhaize’s launch of its Leading Together strategy it stated it wanted to double the share of sales accounted for by ecommerce in Europe to at least 15% by 2021, up from 7% in 2016. Given the aim, the retailer is expected to look to continue to investigate ways to fulfil shoppers’ online grocery orders in a range of ways in the Netherlands.

With competition rising in the channel and Albert Heijn likely to look to flex its fulfilment options between different locations – urban versus rural shoppers etc. – so fast paced delivery is expected to make a return at some point. The trial will have helped it understand the service’s potential demand and whether the option is profitable, so will underpin its likely future roll out in terms of where Albert Heijn will make it available and how quickly it needs to expand its coverage.