Ramadan: seven retailers’ strategies to celebrate from home

Sabira Habib
Retail Analyst

Date : 14 May 2020

Ramadan this year will look very different for those celebrating the event around the world due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Retailers have introduced new and creative approaches to help those celebrating at home. In this article we look at what retailers globally are doing to promote the event.

Carrefour UAE: Ramadan boxes for those in need

Carrefour UAE partnered with the Emirates Red Crescent to launch a Ramadan box filled with essentials for those in need. Shoppers can purchase the box, which cost either AED50 (US$13.6) or AED100 (US$27) online or in-store. The boxes are distributed weekly to those families in need of support. Carrefour UAE is also collaborating with the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiative, with a portion of the Carrefour boxes being donated to support its ’10 million meals’ campaign for low-income families affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  

Source: Twitter [email protected]

Tesco Malaysia: a portion of sales towards helping others

Tesco Malaysia is giving back to those who have been financially burdened by the on-going coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic this Ramadan season. The retailer launched the Tabung Kiriman Ikhlas campaign and has teamed up with Mondelez International and the NGO Food Aid Foundation (FAF) to support those in need. A donation of MYR1 (US$0.23) will be channelled to the campaign for every MYR30 (US$6.92) purchase of any Tesco brand products and MYR30 (US$6.92) of selected Mondelez products.

Source: tesco.com.my

Morrisons: Ramadan food box

Morrisons launched a food box for Ramadan, adding to its food box range. It includes a variety of traditional and popular food items and is priced at £30. The retailer also offers next day delivery in conjunction with logistics firm DPD. Noor Ali, Morrison’s world food senior buying manager, highlighted the box includes essential items that would help equip those observing the holiday.

Source: Morrisons

Lidl UK: sunset dining

Lidl UK promotes the sense of sharing and eating together in the holiday by teaming up with Instagrammer and YouTuber Anisa- cook with Anisa to share with its customers her easy and favourite recipes. The retailer offers recipes to try out at home and platters of ready-made table fillers for customers’ Ramadan spread. Lidl continues to build a loyal social media following with over 200,000 followers on Instagram.

Source: Lidl

SPAR Saudi Arabia: WhatsApp Ramadan shopping

SPAR Saudi Arabia has introduced a new initiative to allow customers to order groceries via WhatsApp and pick them up through a drive through service. The promotion helps customers stay at home and provides a convenient and safe shopping experience.

Source: Spar International

Watsons Malaysia: online Shopping Festival

Watsons Malaysia launched a promotion called the 5.5 Online Shopping Festival to offer its customers deals during Ramadan. Caryn Loh, managing director, said the campaign is to help customers in getting health and beauty products at the best price to celebrate this holiday. Online deals include sales up to 55% off and prices as low as MYR5 (US$1.16).

Walmart Canada: savour the spirit of Ramadan    

The retailer offers a range of items that can be enjoyed by those celebrating the holiday. Items such as traditional food, cookware and dinnerware are offered at low prices. Walmart Canada also offers digital gift cards to send to loved ones. In addition, the retailer has a range of Eid decorations to help bring the spirit of Ramadan and Eid at home.

Source: Walmart Canada

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