The top 50 stores you wish you could have visited in 2020

Date : 07 December 2020

Stewart Samuel

Program Director - Canada

Although the COVID-19 pandemic curtailed most of our travel plans in 2020, there has been no shortage of new store concepts to see. In our new report, we highlight 50 new food retail and drugstore concepts that are set to inspire store developments in 2021 and beyond. Since the start of the pandemic we have seen a stronger focus on the use of technologies to support a contactless experience and the integration of ecommerce fulfillment to support channel growth. However, while the progress has slowed with more experiential formats, several retailers continue to push ahead in this area to create points of difference.

Source: IGD Research

Here’s a snapshot of five which made our list due to the way in which they are driving innovation across the sector.

Aldi, Shanghai, China

Having opened its first stores in June 2019, the retailer recently opened its 10th store in the country, all of which are in Shanghai. Aldi has adopted an innovative design concept for its stores in the country. Shoppers visiting the stores can skip the queue at checkout and have the goods delivered using the Scan & Go function on Aldi China’s WeChat mini program.

Source: Aldi China

Grupo Éxito Wow, Laureles, Colombia

Opening in September 2020, Wow Laureles highlights Grupo Éxito’s commitment to innovation and technological transformation. Smart shopping carts and a social robot help customers to locate products, whilst a food hall and co-working space help to increase dwell time.

Source: Grupo Éxito

Pyaterochka, Moscow, Russia

Pyaterochka launched its first unstaffed #naletu (On the Fly) store in Moscow in October 2020. The store stocks 900 SKUs in 80 sq. m. of selling space and has a fully automated checkout system. To use the store shoppers must download the #naletu app, and log in with their X5 ID. The retailer will open 50 unstaffed stores in 2021.

Source: X5 Retail Group

Asda, Leeds, UK

Opened in October 2020, Asda’s sustainability trial store is designed to help shoppers reduce, recycle and re-use packaging with ease. The store includes 15 refill stations for household staples supported by leading brands, some never before sold in a refillable format.

Source: Asda

Walmart, Elm Springs, USA

Launched in September 2020, this store features a new look and layout, inspired by airport wayfinding systems. The exterior and interior features the Walmart app icon to encourage customers to download and use the Walmart app while they shop.

Source: Walmart

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