International retailers embracing Drive concept

Date : 10 January 2013
GPA, Casino's Brazilian subsidiary, and Intermarche Poland are both expanding through the Drive, click and collect for grocery, concept, according to reports.

Retailers investing in Drive across markets

Reports state that French retailer Intermarche is preparing to launch a Drive service for grocery in Poland this quarter and GPA, Casino's Brazilian subsidiary, began operating a Drive at one of its Sao Paolo stores at the start of 2013. The service at Pao de Acucar is aimed at saving time for shoppers, with a preparation fee of BRL 6.90 and shops ready for collection three hours after ordering. Intermarche is likely to build on its expertise in France where it operates Drive solutions across its hypermarket and supermarket formats.

Future model still to be determined

The Drive format is gaining traction with both retailers and shoppers; for shoppers it broadens the appeal of online shopping offering an alternative to home delivery and for retailers it offers a boost to top line sales and removes some cost compared to a deliver to home model. However, there are many  iterations of the service now available and retailers will continue to seek out  a version that provides a sustainable growth avenue. There is significant  variation in terms of which store format the service is available at (mostly  hypermarkets, supermarkets and stand alone locations) and how it is fulfilled  (pick from store, dark store, semi automated, fully automated); it is likely  retailers will look to find a solution that works based on catchments, demand  and top and bottom line efficiency.