Grupo Éxito remodels Medellin store to accommodate the ‘new normal’

Date : 25 June 2020

Oliver Butterworth

Retail Analyst

In June 2020 Colombian retailer Grupo Éxito remodelled its Éxito Express store in the affluent El Poblado neighbourhood in Medellin. The 300 sq. m convenience store has been adapted to feature new initiatives aimed at protecting customer safety. Grupo Éxito invested a little over COP600m (US$158,000) into the concept.

Source: Grupo Éxito

Biosecurity measures used for a safer shopping environment

Éxito has implemented various health and safety measures, which will enable it to build trust with its customers. These include:

  • a one-way system throughout the store
  • one-meter distancing (communicated through floor markings)
  • acrylic screens reducing face-to-face contact at the checkouts
  • designated shopping hours for high-risk customers
  • sinks on the shop floor for customers to wash their hands
  • antibacterial gel dispensers at the entrance and at other strategic positions along the journey.
  • door security controlling the total number of customers in-store

In addition, self-scan checkouts have been added, which streamline the payment process and remove the necessity of using staffed checkouts.

"The health of our collaborators and clients is a priority, for this reason in this renovation we took into account all the biosafety measures that give our visitors tranquillity and confidence and prevent the spread of the virus." Nicolás Restrepo Tirado, Operations Director Éxito Express.

Source: Grupo Éxito

New 24-hour pedestrian ‘Drive thru’ and chatbot services

The store operates a new 24-hour pedestrian “Drive thru”, where customers ordering from the Éxito website or app can collect their purchases through a window at the front of the store. This removes the need for customers to enter the store and get close to other shoppers.

Customers living close by can take advantage of a new 24/7 chatbot initiative. This unique feature enables customers to order from a catalogue of around 100 products in the celebration category: liqueurs, cigarettes, snacks, soft drinks. The store delivers these products to the customers home and payment is made on delivery.

Source: Grupo Éxito

Assortment adapted to latest consumer trends

Some product categories have been adapted to meet changing consumer preferences during the pandemic. For example, the coffee selection and pet category have been enhanced and there is a bigger range of prepare-at-home products.

Source: Grupo Éxito

Premium store design

Despite all the signage materials, which could have looked cluttered in a store of this size, the refreshed store maintains a modern and upmarket look and feel.

Source: Grupo Éxito

In December 2019 Colombian retailer Grupo Éxito, part of the French Casino Group, opened its Carulla SmartMarket store concept in Bogotá, Colombia. This innovation lab, which is Colombia’s first smart supermarket, exhibits 30 pieces of innovative technology which enhance the customer experience.

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