DIA’s 2020 Q3 results

Date : 16 November 2020

Lucy Bellotti

Retail Analyst

Spain-based DIA announced group net sales increased by 2.5% to €1.7 bn, with like-for-like (LFL) sales up 6.3%. The retailer continues to improve its performance by focusing on the five pillars of its roadmap, which includes optimisation of its assortment, its private label ranges, online sales and express delivery, franchisees, and operations.

Sales performance

DIA Spain’s sales increased 4.9% to €1.1 bn in Q3 2020, with LFL sales up by 7.6% compared to Q3 2019. The retailer has a network of 3,951 stores after closing 76. Furthermore, DIA launched its new franchise model to over 700 stores in September 2020.  

Sales in Portugal grew 4.2% to €163.1m in Q3 2020, with LFL’s increasing by 1.1% compared to Q3 2019. DIA claims its new operational model and optimised assortment supported the LFL sales growth.

DIA Brazil sales decreased 15.8% to €233.3m in Q3 2020 although the decrease in growth is impacted by the 30% devaluation of the Brazilian Real during COVID-19. LFL sales increased 17.5% compared to Q3 2019. The retailer claimed strong LFL sales resulted from its ‘improved assortment offer and ongoing development of private label products.’

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DIA Argentina’s sales grew 17.3% to €181.3m, although its LFL performance fell by 3.5% compared to Q3 2019. The retailer claims LFL sales were impacted by low consumer confidence and consumption.

Source: DIA

Stephan DuCharme, DIA’s executive chairman, stated ‘DIA continued its positive trajectory in the third quarter and for the year to date, thanks to ongoing transformation efforts centred on delivering an enhanced fresh offer to customers.’

DuCharme further explained how the Spanish and Portuguese market ‘maintained higher average basket size and DIA continued the push to become the go-to proximity offer.’

Meanwhile, in Latin America he acknowledged ‘Brazil continues to benefit from improved supply chain and store operations as well as the roll out of a new commercial strategy. Argentina´s performance remains resilient despite the continued challenging macroeconomic environment.’


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